Annyeonghaseyo! Alo! Bongu! Bonjour! CaNH yy! Chao ban! Ciao! Geia Sas! Halo! Hei! Hello! ¡Hola! Konnichiwa! Kamusta! Merhaba! Namaste! Nin Hao! Oi! Sabaidi! Ola! Shalom! Swas di! Xin Chao!

flag_american_canadianPaulo Freire (1921-1997) is a Brazilian educator whose primary advocacy is critical pedagogy that empowers learners to be active change agents. His philosophies resonate in today’s world where children are able to draw learning from multiple sources, albeit unfiltered and unchecked; thus, it is the role of educators and facilitators to shepherd and nurture such an influx of information. Under Freire’s pedagogical influence, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM, or STEAM with Art) are taught in an integrated approach towards understanding humanity’s inherent role and the challenges it faces in providing and maintaining a sustainable planet. Critical thinking and analysis are skills that students learn; they not only learn the science behind climate change, but understand how to manage its implications on developing relevant social policy.  

“Education makes sense because women and men learn that through learning they can make and remake themselves, because women and men are able to take responsibility for themselves as beings capable of knowing — of knowing that they know and knowing that they don’t.” – Paulo Freire