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CAS is a progressive educational institution located in Makati City, Metro Manila, whose student body comprises representation from 28 nations, 17 diplomatic missions, and 190 multinational corporations. CAS delivers a North American hybrid STEAM curriculum with a distinct focus on early multilingualism and acculturation that builds self-identity in a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive learning environment. CAS operates an independent, co-educational Preschool (P1 – P3, JK), Primary School (SK, G1 – G8) and Secondary School (G9 – G12), providing English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish language exposure and immersion at the Preschool level, as well as World Language learning in Grades K-12. CAS manages the Center for Exceptional Needs (CEN) and offers a variety of therapy, co-curricular, and enrichment programs for children with needs aged 2 to 18. Learn more here.


Admissions and Programs


Founded on current brain research, CAS offers a progressive, student-centered Preschool, Early Childhood, Grade School, Middle School, and High School (International Baccalaureate – focused) education. It accepts children from Age 1 to Age 18.



Current Students and Parents


Find out everything you need to know about the school year from calendar to daily schedule, extended care, lunch program, transportation and a list of After-School Programs.




About Our School


Celebrating the uniqueness of each child, we offer a nurturing community that cultivates diverse skills and abilities. Low student-to-teacher ratio ensures an individualized approach to meeting your child’s learning goals.