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School tour appointments and free trial class sit-ins may be requested by filling up completely an online tour appointment request form, which can be found in our Contact Us section or by clicking on the “Request a School Tour” on the upper right corner of our website.

CAS’s Information Pack is a file that can be downloaded, filled out, scanned, and submitted via an electronic mail attachment. Forms may also be printed out or picked up at the School Registrar’s office and filled out, with signed hard copies submitted directly to the School Registrar.

Aside from submitting a completed Information Pack, the following documents are also required:

  • student’s birth certificate;
  • biographical & visa page of the student’s and parents’ valid passports; 
  • for pre-schoolers & kindergartners, medical immunization records; and 
  • for grade school transferees, a true copy of the student’s transcript of record or final report card from any previously attended schools

Accompanying submission of the Information Pack is an enrollment registration fee that may be paid directly to the School Registrar. A student may then be scheduled for a Mathematics & Reading Assessment Test and/or an English Language Proficiency Test (if the student’s first language is not English). A Special Education Assessment Fee may apply if parents would like to apply for admission and inclusion of their child with special needs.


Preschool Application Files
Grade School School: Senior Kindergarten to Grade 2
Grade School School: Grade 3 to Grade 5



Canadian American School has ZERO tolerance for anyone that exhibits rude and disrespectful behavior in person, online, or on the phone, towards any  CAS director, officer, teacher, staffer, or student.