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Applications acceptance

Applications for acceptance at CAS are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. We have limited spaces and these cannot be guaranteed until an application is submitted, registration fees paid, and an assessment conducted.

CAS does not pre-screen children for intelligence and aptitude  for those entering our Preschool and Kindergarten levels. The reason behind this is that children in the early years, regardless of inherent abilities, will thrive in an environment that is both academically stimulating and emotionally nurturing. Modern pedagogical studies show that foreign language immersion during the early years helps young children increase their mental agility (mathematics), abstract thought and pattern recognition (language and physical science), and creativity (language and social sciences). Minimum testing, however,  will be conducted to determine the starting competencies of children, so instruction may be tailor-fitted to their needs.

Student transferees from Junior (Grades 1 – 4) and Senior (Grades 5 – 8) Grade School levels at other schools are handled on a case-to-case basis and must sit for our Math and Reading Assessment Tests to determine their grade level competencies. Aside from evaluating previous transcripts of record, these assessments will help us determine any learning gaps that need to be bridged in order for children to reach their full potential while enrolled at CAS.