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packed lunch

At CAS, we offer a Hot Lunch Program, at additional cost, as a daily meal option for our students. Weekly lunch menus are emailed directly to participating CAS families every prior Sunday evening. Students take their recess & lunch meals under the supervision of their teachers and learning support specialists; families have access to a refrigerator and microwave oven to keep cool or heat up packed snacks and lunch meals.

Sample Hot Lunch Menu

Monday Baked Fish Fillet + Buttered Green Beans + Thai Jasmine Rice

Tuesday Cubed Pork** Adobo Stew + Rosemary Herbed Potato Wedges + Thai Jasmine Rice

Wednesday Spaghetti Pasta + Creamy Alfredo Sauce with Mushrooms & Bacon Bits**

Thursday Herbed Minced Beef + Creamy Mashed Potatoes + Thai Jasmine Rice

Friday Beef Balls with Sweet Sour Sauce + Caramelized Carrot Wedges + Thai Jasmine Rice

**If your child has dietary restrictions or is allergic to any type of food that may be contained in the Hot Lunch Meal served at CAS, please pack a homemade lunch meal to substitute the restricted meal. We urge parents to fill up completely our Emergency Care Plan in order for our School Nurse to manage your child’s health plan — allergen levels and dietary restrictions — while attending CAS.     

Blue lunch box and apple on a blue book isolated on white, School Lunches