Annyeonghaseyo! Alo! Bongu! Bonjour! CaNH yy! Chao ban! Ciao! Geia Sas! Halo! Hei! Hello! ¡Hola! Kamusta! Kia ora! Konnichiwa! Merhaba! Namaste! Nin Hao! Oi! Sabaidi! Ola! Shalom! Swas di! Xin Chao!

Supporting CAS’s core education program are co-curricular activities that take the children outside of school grounds. These external activities are aimed at supplementing learning in one of CAS’s 5 core subjects – English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science. Parents will be asked to sign waivers discharging CAS from any adverse incidents that may result during the course of the tour or exchange.

Manila Ocean Park


Ark Avilon Zoo Park


Avilon Zoo, Rodriguez, Rizal


Mind Museum


Ayala Museum